Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Darkroom: Splicing Genetic Similarities

It is common knowledge that members of a family all have similar characteristics.  Brothers and sisters favor each other, children look like their parents.  But the funny thing is we don't see it for ourselves.  Others have to point it out for us, and even then we don't believe them.  After looking at Ulric Collette's work "Genetic Portraits", where he combined the faces of several family members, I decided that I wanted to explore this same concept in my own way.  I did my combinations by making silver gelatin prints in the darkroom.  I don't know if this had ever been done before, but I had the opportunity and I wanted to challenge myself too. The result came out better than I thought possible, but the challenge was bigger than I thought it would be.  After spending 4 days in the darkroom I said I would not do this again.  The first image took 6 hours to print, the second image took about 3 or 4 hours to figure out how to print.  After I finding the best method to do the prints, the rest of the images took only about 2 hours each to print.

Grandson/Grandfather: J Jesus and Papa Rafa

 Mother/Daughter: Rosa and Perla-Ruby

Son/Father: J Guadalupe and Rafael

Sister/Brother: Perla-Ruby and J Jesus

Nephew/Aunt: J Jesus and Lucia De Jesus (me)

Daughter/Mother: Esmeralda Virginia and Pablina

Brother/Sister: J Guadalupe and Esmeralda Virginia

Mother/Daughter: Pablina and Lucia De Jesus (me)

Studio Lighting: Optical Illusions

Something  I have always enjoyed is looking at things that are not as they appear.  For my Studio Lighting class Final I decided to explore this concept.  Taking objects that are similar in size, I made one look as if it was larger than the other.  Then I took to similar objects, one normal size the other a mini version, and i made them look as if they were both the same size.  I also added humor to the illusions by adding a third element so that the viewer can see the difference in size, and also by creating scenes that would not normally exist.

Studio Lighting: Diorama

Make it personal.  What is something that is part of my past present and future?
The Nativity is something that will always be part of my life.  The three different scene I created represent the 3 most important changes our Nativity undergoes during the Christmas season.
December 16

Studio Lighting: Making my own Background

Showing thedifferent activities of a star child.
The Actress

Studio Lighting: Exploring Basic Portrait Lighting

Broad Lighting

Thursday, September 19, 2013


This image is a combination of Cyanotype and digital photography.

Starry collage foreground was created from 2 Cyanotypes then digitally enhance to create a wormhole and to add depth to the original image!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Okay so I need some help!

Okay so I need some help!
I’m a photography student, which means I have over 5,000 files on my computer.  I have PSD, JPEG  and RAW files and also the normal music and word document files.  Because of the over saturation of large files,my computer is not working as fast as it should and often crashes on me. I know I can, should, and WILL be moving these files to an external hard drive, but I want to go through my images first so that I don’t end up saving unnecessary crap or multiple copies.  
The problem is I don’t know how long this will take me. Hopeful I can be done before the end of the summer break.  In the mean time I want to make such that none of my important, completed work/series ends up being altered.  I was recently looking though a folder of a completed series for school and found that I had multiple copies of the same image.  I like to be organized and have everything clean, nothing out of place.  I thought this folder was ready to be moved over since according to me the only files in this folder were the ones that were supposed to be there with no extras.
I occasionally have to go back into some of these folders to make prints or submit work for competitions.  This usually requires adjustments in color and/or size or other things.  
I know I can make my files read only, but lets say I need to make a 300dpi image into a 72dpi image so that it can be uploaded to a website, will I be able to make changes to the original and save the “new” image with a different file name?
But still, this does not completely solve my issue because I will still be able to save the new image into the folder.  I don’t want to be able to modify the folder.  I don’t want to add things that don’t belong nor want to accidentally delete something that I need  
Is there a way to get all I want?  
Am I just being to complicated?
is there a simple solutions to my problem, aside from moving the folder now?
is this possible on Windows 7 using Photoshop cs5?
Can anybody help me?